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Festival Beer
When you need to innovate, collaborate!
Billie proudly announces BCBF's Festival Beer 2017: A collaboration between Tempel Brygghus (SWE), Totem (BEL) and of course Billie's Bier Kafétaria (BEL)!

Totem "tries to brew beers very much in the same way most Belgians wouldn't." Totem has been elected RateBeer's Best new Brewer Belgium 2016.

Tempel Brygghus is a Swedish microbrewery outside Uppsala known for their experimental sour beers.

Billie's Bier Kafétaria is basically Billie's headquarters in Antwerp: a craft beer bar where everyone finds what he's looking for ,taste- and beerwise.

This beer will be exclusively available at Billie's Craft Beer Fest 2017

Any guesses on what's brewing?



INDY TRUCK (Thai Cuisine)
INDY serves healthy, fresh Thai Food the contemporary way. In a spontaneous atmosphere, you can enjoy their signature dishes. Amongst them are their Thai Beef Salad, their Black Tiger Salad – gamba’s marinated in garlic & chili oil – or one of their Thai Curry’s – Red, Yellow or Green. Served with deliciously smelling pandan rice with fresh herbs and peppers to spice it all up! Truck Billie's Craft Beer Fest

TRAVELING KITCHEN (American Street Food)

Traveling Kitchen foodtruck prepares refined and healthy American inspired streetfood. On their menu you can expect Philly cheesesteak Sandwiches, Pulled Pork, Black Angus burgers, Po’ boy Scampi and Cheeseburgers!

Food Truck Billie's Craft Beer Fest


With their atmospheric foodtrucks, which they crafted themselves from old horse carriages, they’ve been travelling from city to city, country to country to provide parties and events of proper, good food. What they offer is fresh, homemade, and completely vegan. Expect tasty falafelwraps, falafelburgers and spicy bulgur!

Food Truck Billie's Craft Beer Fest


PASTA JOE (Italian Pasta)

At parties it can pretty hard to find healthy, yet tasty food. The combination of healthy, pure and tasty too often translates into a high price at events. Therefore, pasta is ideal because of its diversity. With their foodtrucks, Pasta Joe travels throughout the country to provide fresh, healthy pasta for a reasonable price. Expect Pasta with different kinds of sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese and rocket salad.!



DJ Vinylah

DJ Vinylah craftily strings together pitch black vinyls. Get your groove on the feel good music of old times. Soul, funk, rock&roll, hiphop and plenty of good vibes!